Improve patient experiences with Axis Three’s turn key 3D simulation technology.

Axis Three’s solutions target all segments of the cosmetic surgery marketplace. These solutions enable surgeons/providers to give their patients an accurate visualization of the surgical results during the consultation process, while providing the surgeons with precise tools for planning and executing the actual procedure.

Axis Three has developed a 3D Simulation platform that is the foundation of all Axis Three products. This hardware / software framework enables image capture from the hardware systems, the processing to create photo-realistic 3D models, and revolutionary tools to simulate the surgical outcome.

Accurate image capture with CCT™ - Colour Coded Triangulation

The coalescence of patented Siemens technology with in house expertise has produced a 3D image capture and rendering system optimized to deliver anatomically precise images without the inconvenient wait associated with traditional lower tech products.
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TBS™ - Tissue Behavior Simulation

Over many years of gathering tissue behavior data from real patients, Axis Three have built a huge knowledge library. This database has been combined with the expertise of the Axis Three Community which includes many of the world’s top plastic surgeon’s to create a simulation tool that offers unrivalled realism and anatomical accuracy.
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i3 - Intuitive Interface Intelligence

What we like to call Simplified Complexity; Axis Three has studied work flow in the surgery to make our software easy to learn and give healthcare professionals and their patients the information they need in real time, in a manner that mimicks the normal work pattern. For example, multiple simulations can be displayed and manoeuvered simulteaneously to show patient side-by-side comparisons.
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Live Update

Benefit from our continuous improvement program. With our live internet interface to Axis Three’s development team, latest tissue behavior models, implant catalogues and feature additions are uploaded in the background and immediately available for use.
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Axis Three products provide surgeons, practice managers and patient coordinators with tools that:

  • Enable both patient and professional to understand the patient’s expectations.
  • Improve professional’s time and efficiency with patients.
  • Create a more pleasing and less intimidating experience for patients.
  • Reduce subjectivity and help patients meet their expectations.
  • Increase surgical conversion rate.
  • Enable discussions about future procedures on same patient.
  • Decrease the risk of reoperation

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