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John McCaffrey

August 5th 2010
For some time now the Axis Three systems have been actively promoted for applications in aesthetic surgery such as Breast Augmentation and Facial surgery such as Rhinoplasty, (nose) or Mentoplasty, (chin). The focus has been or producing not only accurate records of patients before and after surgery but on our ability to simulate surgical outcomes so that patients can see what the likely outcome might be on their own features.

There is however a much bigger story to what Axis Three can do. Our ability to capture images and measure size and relative volumes is becoming of great interest to many people in the medical field. Being able to record such data accurately has always been important for research and monitoring of various conditions and for many researchers there is a need to be able to archive other peoples data to add weight to their own arguments.

The Axis Three system offers the opportunity to capture all this data in one place and the ability to store transmit, network, display and present it, in a wide range of formats. Medical Imaging departments are starting to show an interest in these abilities and I believe it is only a matter of time before we have applications running on surgeons Laptops, iPhones etc.. where they can receive and transmit files for review or evaluation as easily as we use text messaging or email.

Watch this space! (PS.. If you have a project that could benefit from these abilities please get in touch and let us know).


Dr. John Fisher said...

While your breast imaging is great--where is the total picture? My view of breast and nasal chin procedures and cheek augmentation concentrates not so much on the soft tissue but the foundation upon which we build our "house." Total body imaging without the background "blue-out" would be fantastic--there is more to a breast than "meets the camera" body image is totality--the breast implant must function with/without a bra--no bras actually fit submuscular implants and furthermore chest wall configuration (i.e. rib protrusions, rib angulation, and skeletal asymmetries are the "thing by which we are lauded or undone"--(the play is the thing by which we will undo the king--Hamlet)--what is your next step?Thank you.respectfully,John Bradford Fisher, M.D.Former Dept. ChiefU.S. Navy National Medical Center
Added August 17th 2010

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