Axis Three for Facial Simulations

Face Simulation - Overview

Axis Three for Facial Simulations : Overview

Axis Threes 3D Simulation Platform delivers the most precise, interactive 3D simulation experience to show patients possible outcomes of cosmetic facial procedures. Developed with functional input from leading plastic surgeons, the system combines a surgeon's artistry and expertise with the science and precision of 3D simulation technology, enabling the patient to make faster, more educated decisions about a procedure.

Axis Three's XS-200 scanner captures high quality, anatomically-accurate, 3D images of a patients face in order to simulate facial surgery outcomes. Its simulation software is intuitive, straightforward, and easy to navigate and address a wide range of face procedures.

The result is a more positive patient experience, greater patient satisfaction post-surgery, and an incredibly easy way for surgeons to quickly realize their return on time and investment.


3-D Technology Meets Plastic Surgery - Health News Story - WPBF West Palm Beach
Dr. Gregory Albert of Delray Beach Florida demonstrates how using Axis Three for facial procedures can show patients what they would look like, before they have surgery. He takes a 3D image of the reporter and simulates a nose and chin procedure showing h

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"After two months of using Axis Three and testing all new patients with the system, I found it very reliable for sizing, and especially comparing asymmetric breasts. Our closing rate was not as high as expected, because we are not the low cost plastic surgeons. The youngest woman are very price sensitive, and would utilize the information even though greater than 90% found the imaging very helpful. At Utah Cosmetic Surgery, we already spend a lot of time with the patient and have found that utilizing Axis Three as part of the surgical package brings our initial consult back more often to help complete a good experience with their cosmetic surgery."
Dr. R. Scott Haupt - Murray, UT

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