Dr. Richard Pavese

"Our patients have enjoyed their experience with Axis Three. It enables better communication when discussing size, shape and expectations."

Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar

"Being first can be very rewarding or very risky. As the first clinic in Canada to offer Axis Three, we weren't sure how our clients were going to react. We're delighted to say that it's been an overwhelming success. Not only does it give our patients a better understanding of what can be achieved with the precision imaging system, but it has also empowered us to offer better patient care to women with asymmetry."

Dr. Garo Kassabian

"There is nothing like seeing the simulated post-op results on your own body. Patients can see exactly what the breast augmentation will look like - not what they wish for. Axis Three helps us establish realistic patient expectations."

Dr. Constantin Stan

"I’m pleased to add Axis Three to my history of “firsts” in procedures and technology and to be one of the first to offer this breakthrough technology in Europe. Using Axis Three in my practice has enabled me to offer patients a better experience that exceed their expectations and gives them the confidence they need to make decisions about plastic surgery, as they can see the results on their own 3D body image."

Dr. David Benvenuti

"94% of patients surveyed told us that Axis Three enhanced the consultations experience."

Dr. Joseph B. DeLozier

"Our patients love it...and tell their friends!"

Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie

"As a surgeon, Axis Three gives me more peace of mind that the patient has a good idea of what the implants will actually look like on her body. Also, the curiosity that this technology generates on my website has brought more breast augmentation consultations into my office."

Dr. Steve Laverson

"Before Axis Three, determining volume discrepancy/difference for patients with asymmetry was pure conjecture. Your system truly elevates the standard of care for patients with asymmetry."

Dr. Steven Schuster

"The Axis Three 3D Simulation Platform has certainly been an excellent adjunct to my practice. While discussions and two dimensional photos are helpful, being able to sit in front of the computer with the surgeon, takes it to a new level. It allows the patient to see in multiple views, what they may never have seen before. It also allows me to place various size implants in a patient and compare them side by side. It gives the patient a realistic view of how they could look and points out the asymmetries and irregularities that may be camouflaged, but not corrected. With a 3D view of the nose I am able to turn the nose in infinite positions and actually show the patient how changing the dorsum in the lateral view affects the front view. I can't imagine going into a consultation for the breast, nose or chin without the benefit of the Axis Three system."

Dr. Bivik Shah

"Having patients involved in the implant selection has improved the patient post-op satisfaction; Axis Three has helped us establish realistic expectations for our clients"

Dr. Steve Morris

"Axis Three has answered the most frustrating question for me and my patients: 'What will my breasts look like after surgery'? With Axis Three I am now able to give my patients the most accurate visualization of what she may look like after augmentation mammaplasty - based on specific implant types and sizes. This has led to decreased patient anxiety over the procedure and an increased conversion rate due to greater patient confidence in the outcome of the procedure versus other surgeons who do not utilize this technology."

Dr. James Nachbar

"One of the best features of the Axis Three technology is that it allows me to simulate surgery without limiting me to specific implant shapes. This is a great feature for patients who already have implants. I can simulate adding 150 cc's with a 14 cm base width, and thus demonstrate the result of replacing a 250 cc implant with a 400 cc implant. That is something you cannot do with a sizer in a bra. And support has been great -- they are very responsive, and willing to work with me to integrate the technology into my existing network."

Dr. Kamran Khoobehi

"During the first month of using Axis Three, we achieved a 90% closure rate (up from 50%). Axis Three enables me to build a stronger bond with my patients, reducing their pre-surgery stress."

Dr. Linda Swanson

"Axis Three allows me to better communicate (to my patients) what to expect from surgery; most patients are so excited to see the simulated after surgery image, they can't wait to have surgery. Thank you Axis Three."

Dr. Wilberto Cortes

"Starting a practice is extremely challenging these days. Axis Three has brought more patients to my office; It makes the consultation more interactive and educational. Patients are very impressed with this technology resulting in higher closure rates."

Dr. Steve R. Fallek

"We have had a patient come from 200 miles away to get simulated with Axis Three; this product has significantly increased our consultation rate."

Dr. Donald Hause

"Axis Three's system is a quantum leap in technological precision from any other computer simulators out there. With it, a woman can see the best simulation available in terms of proportions, breast volumes and asymmetries."

Dr. Brian K. Dorner

"The Axis Three system has helped me communicate with my patients, allowing me to see their 'mind's eye' view of what they actually desire in breast augmentation. This visual communication helps guide not only the size of implants, but the type – high, medium, or low profile. This understanding helps provide patients what they want, and happy patient's make for a happy (and busy) practice. Not to mention the patient's also find it fun!"

Dr. Stephen Greenberg

"During the consultation experience, it's important that the patient feel confident in her decision, and in this day of cutting-edge technology, sizers and stuffing bras just aren't enough to build that confidence. Axis Three shows the patient what she'll actually look like after surgery, and we're offering it to our patients to ensure they have the most positive experience imaginable."

Dr. R. Scott Haupt

"After two months of using Axis Three and testing all new patients with the system, I found it very reliable for sizing, and especially comparing asymmetric breasts. Our closing rate was not as high as expected, because we are not the low cost plastic surgeons. The youngest woman are very price sensitive, and would utilize the information even though greater than 90% found the imaging very helpful. At Utah Cosmetic Surgery, we already spend a lot of time with the patient and have found that utilizing Axis Three as part of the surgical package brings our initial consult back more often to help complete a good experience with their cosmetic surgery."

Dr. Michael S. Wong

"My patients found the simulated 3-D postoperative images gave them a better idea of what they were going to look like compared to sizing them with a sports bra and sizers."

Dr. Darshan Shah

"Axis Three provided incredible customer support and came out for training as much as needed. This helped us become very good at using Axis Three. The trainer was wonderful to work with, and our staff loved her! She was very knowledgeable as to how to get the best results from the system."

Dr. Paul Zwiebel

"After seeing the post-op simulation on their own body, patients feel much more comfortable and confident – even more excited - about proceeding with the surgery."