Leading 3D Surgical Simulator and Advanced Breast Implant Manufacturer Announce New Strategic Alliance

August 14th 2012
Axis Three (www.axisthree.com), a leader and pioneer of 3D surgical simulation tools for aesthetic consultations, today announced the signing of an agreement with Establishment Labs (www.motivaimplants.com or www.establishmentlabs.com), a manufacturer of aesthetic products which includes the Motiva Implant Matrix® range of breast implants. The deal provides for a global strategic partnership covering joint product marketing and proprietary software development. Establishment Labs believes that Axis Three’s 3D image capture and surgical simulation platforms will be important tools in leveraging growth in the aesthetic market for their products worldwide, both now and in the future.

Aesthetic Trends & Technologies - Science Based 3D Simulation Tools for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

December 6th 2010
Aritcle by Dr. Peter D. Geldner, M.D. The introduction of new technology provides an opportunity to the practicing physician as well as a challenge. The Axis Three system (www.axisthree.com) is a wonderful example of such a device.

Axis Three Featured on Better TV’s “ABCs of Breast Augmentation”

October 1st 2010
Dr. Rapaport presents what patients need to know about breast augmentation surgery on Better TV -- syndicated online and television show.

Dr. Lawrence Gray Talks about Axis Three Benefits for Patients

July 12th 2010
Dr. Gray, a leading plastic surgeon in New England has been using Axis Three for more than a year. In this video he talks about the patient experience and how Axis Three makes a difference in consultation for breast augmentations.

Dr. Lawrence Gray Shares His Experience with Axis Three

July 12th 2010
Dr. Gray has been using Axis Three for a year. In this short video he shares his experience and talks about how he uses Axis Three in cases of asymmetry or to talk to patients about why they might need a lift.

Axis Three and Dr. Paul Zwiebel featured on Denver's Everyday Show

July 6th 2010
Dr. Zwiebel discusses the benefits of 3D simulation on Denver's Everyday show. Axis Three is used to show patients their potential results before surgery.

Denver Life - 3D Me

June 9th 2010
Although cosmetic procedure technology has greatly advanced in recent years, more often than not, there is still a level of ambiguity when it comes to knowing the result, which no doubt makes many prospective patients a bit nervous.

Cosmetic News UK - Axis all areas

June 1st 2010
How Axis Three is leading the way in 3D simulation software

Axis Three Launches 4-Head 3D Scanner for Cosmetic Procedures

May 22nd 2010
Axis Three, the developer of 3D surgical simulation tools for plastic surgeons and dermatologists, launched the XS-400 scanner, a turnkey system designed to address face, breast and body procedures.

Axis Three Launches Industry's Only 4-position 3D Scanner for Face and Breast Procedures

May 21st 2010
Unprecedented XS-400 redefines aesthetic consultations for healthcare professionals and patients.

Axis Three Launches XS-400 Scanner for Simulation of Plastic Surgery

May 21st 2010
Axis Three out of Belfast, Northern Ireland has launched its new XS-400 scanner, which is used to simulate surgical procedures on face, breast and body.

Dr. Anthony Youn on WDIV Local 4 News at 11.

April 7th 2010
Breast implants are increasingly popular among women in their 30s and 40s. Axis Three enables patients to show patients what they will look like after surgery.

Dr. Gregory Albert is interviewed on South Florida Business Report

March 19th 2010
The ability to use real time 3D simulations to show patients what they will look like after surgery, before they have surgery. He talks about the benefits of Axis Three’s TBS (Tissue Behavior Simulation) technology and the accuracy of Axis Three’s 3D simulation platform. Dr. Albert is also using Axis Three for facial simulations.

SiliconRepublic.com: Belfast software firm scores cosmetic surgery breakthrough

March 18th 2010
Axis Three – a Belfast-based pioneer of computerised tools for the global cosmetic surgery industry – is gearing up to apply its world-beating 3D simulation technology to the facial reconstructive surgery market.

Dr. Jorg Knabl explains the benefits of using Axis Three (audio in German)

March 15th 2010
Austrian plastic surgeon, Dr. Jorg Knabl, produced this very detailed video which demonstrates the consultation process for a patient considering breast augmentation. He shows how he uses Axis Three 3D simulations to help patients make decisions that are right for them.

Dr. Geldner demos Axis Three on NBC Chicago

February 11th 2010
Women, See All They Can Be: Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Geldner, uses Axis Three to plan breast enhancements for his patients.

Dr. Nachbar explains Axis Three in detail

February 11th 2010
Dr. Nachbar demonstrates Axis Three, bringing his viewers a way to see plastic surgery results before surgery through this innovative software.

Axis Three in Healthy Aging's article: Incentives and Value for 2010

January 19th 2010
The next twelve months will challenge the aesthetics community, but cooperative industry relationships can help. Article by Grant Clauser

Dr. Zwiebel discusses the benefits of showing a patient their image in 3D with Axis Three

January 14th 2010
Dr. Zwiebel's interview with Colorado & Company talks about how Axis Three boosts patient confidence for those women considering breast augmentation. Dr. Zwiebel also offers Axis Three for facial simulations.

Dr. Mario Diana Talks About the Benefits of Showing a Patient Results in 3D on San Antonio Living

December 14th 2009
Dr. Mario Diana of San Antonio, Texas demonstrates how he uses Axis Three in his practice to help patients feel more confident before going into surgery.

What you see will be what you get

October 26th 2009
Axis Three’s system is the newest technology development from the company that rolled out a three-dimensional breast-imaging product about two years ago. With that system, developed using image-capture technology developed by Siemens, women can rely on their own photo-realistic image to try on different implants before undergoing surgery.

NECN Shows how Axis Three 3D simulations help patients decide about plastic surgery

September 28th 2009
New England Cable News features Axis Three at Dr. Lawrence Gray's office in Portsmouth, NH and how 3D simulation made a difference to a patient considering breast augmentation for more than a year.

Axis Three featured on the Rachael Ray Show.

September 25th 2009
Axis Three’s Portrait 3D was recently featured on “Plastic Surgery Breakthroughs” on the Rachael Ray Show. The show features an Axis Three Portrait 3D simulation with a viewer considering breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Tony Youn conducts the simulation and Dr. Steven Fallek lent his office for scanning the patient and taping her “back story.”

Dr. Dorner Talks About Axis Three on Daytime Columbus

February 11th 2009
Dr. Brian Dorner of Columbus, Ohio talks about how he uses Axis Three in his practice to help patients make decisions about breast augmentation. Saline or silicone, size and position to help them achieve their vision of how they want to look.

'Good Day Sacramento' reports: Dr. Kaufman and Axis Three

December 11th 2008
Dr David Kaufman, Folsom CA, demonstrates Portrait 3D for 'Good Day Sacramento', experiments with different size implants and explains the benefits of virtual breast augmentations.

'Better Nashville' reports: Dr. DeLozier, Mommy Makeovers and Axis Three

December 8th 2008
'Better Nashville' recently visited Dr DeLozier, at Saint Thomas Health Services in Tennessee, to learn more about 'Mommy Makeovers' and how Axis Three is being used to help predict these surgical outcomes.

Beauty News: New breast augmentation technology

November 13th 2008
www.self.com features Axis Three on its beauty blog

Axis Three on The Doctors

October 11th 2008
The Doctors, a daytime CBS show, affiliated with Dr Phil, demonstrated Axis Three with a patient "trying on" different implant sizes on her own 3D body image.