Color Coded Triangulation

Capture your patients 3D image. Anatomically precise models are generated in seconds, using Color Coded Triangulation (CCT), a patented Siemens and Axis Three technology that is easy to use and extremely accurate.

Tissue Behavior Simulation

Simulate with precision Tissue Behavior Simulation (TBS) enables you or your patient coordinator to show your patients how actual tissue reacts to surgical procedures or adjust for skin elasticity for a more realistic result.

Ease of Use

Communicate with your patient
Axis Three's software is easy to use. We give you the information you need at your finger tips, visually enhancing your consultation process and substantially increasing your patients confidence.

3D Simulation Tools

Increase conversions with 3D simulations
Axis Three's precise, easy-to-use 3D simulation tools generate anatomically accurate images using the patient's own body characteristics. The result is improved efficiency of the consultation process and increased business revenues for your practice.

Show the patient up to six simulation images

With Axis Three you show the patient up to six different simulation images at one time and compare them side by side, viewed from the front, side, top, bottom or three quarter view. Patients will see the difference (or how little difference) implant sizes make on their own 3D body image.