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Axis Three provides precise, easy to use, 3D  simulation tools that generate anatomically accurate images using the patient’s own body characteristics

Surgeons using Axis Three report improved efficiency of their consultation process and increased business revenues of over 25%.

Axis Three for Breast Simulations

Axis Three's 3D Simulation Platform for Breast Simulations enables surgeons to visually communicate and collaborate on the outcomes of breast procedures by using the patients own image presented in photo-realistic 3D.

Select implants from the major manufacturer catalogs, position the implant above or under the muscle, adjust for tissue elasticity with Tissue Behavior Simulation.

Axis Three for Facial Simulations

Axis Threes 3D Simulation Platform for Facial Procedures delivers the most precise, interactive 3D simulation experience to show patients possible outcomes of cosmetic facial procedures.

Developed with functional input from leading plastic surgeons, the system combines a surgeon's artistry and expertise with the science and precision of 3D simulation technology, enabling the patient to make faster, more educated decisions about a procedure.

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