Axis Three enables you to see what you will look like after surgery, before surgery. During your consultation your 3D image is captured in just seconds. Then, working with your surgeon or a staff member you can see the possible outcomes of your surgery and view plastic surgery before and afters --on your own 3D body image.


  • If you are considering breast augmentation you can try on different implant sizes and types and view them from any angle.
  • If you are considering a facial procedure like a brow lift, chin augmentation or nose job, you can view the differences that even the most subtle adjustment can make -- on your own 3D facial image.
  • If you are thinking about dermabrasion, Botox or facial filler you can see the result before you have the procedure.

Using Axis Three's software your healthcare professional can show you up to six simulations at one time and compare them side by side, or rotate the images and view them at any angle. With Axis Three you can make more informed, more confident decisions about surgical procedures and work with your healthcare professional to find the solution that best fits.

91% of patients surveyed report that Axis Three greatly improved their consultation experience. 

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