Breast Implant Options: Low, Moderate, or High Profile Breast Implants

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Paul Moffett

August 4th 2010

One of the less talked about breast implant optionsis the profile. There are three implant profile types: low, moderate and high. The profile of the implant you choose will impact the appearance of your implants. The profile is what determines how far the implant protrudes from your chest wall. Selecting a profile can be complicated as it not only based on your desired look but also the size of your current breasts and your overall body shape. Your board certified plastic surgeon will help you determine which profile is right for you.

Low Profile Implants: Low profile implants project the least amount. Low profile implants are generally considered best for women with wider frames.

Moderate Profile Implants: Moderate profile implants are the standard implant that projects a predetermined amount per measurement of base diameter.

Moderate Plus Profile Implants: Mentor Corp., one of the two companies that manufacture FDA-approved breast implant products, offers the moderate plus profile. The moderate plus profile offers more forward projection than the moderate profile, but less projection than high profile implants.

High Profile Implants: High profile implants offer the most forward projection out of all of the profile types. High profile breast implants are typically recommended to women who have narrow chests. And additional benefit, high profile implants are less prone to visible rippling.

Advances in breast implant products allow plastic surgeons to choose the implant size and projection that will best suit the patient’s body type and provide the most natural looking result.Your surgeon can help you determine which profile is right for you as well as explain the other implant options available.

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