The Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) takes innovations in technology and develops them into businesses. At Axis Three, our primary focus is to commercialize technologies which have been generated within Siemens, with the intention of bringing them to the external market. STA successfully combines the expertise of a small and dynamic team with the extensive resources of a global blue-chip technology company.

Establishment Labs

Establishment Labs is a privately held, global breast, body and facial aesthetic company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets an innovative product portfolio consisting of advanced silicone-filled breast implants ( for breast and body shaping. 

Perfectly positioned to strategically access key world markets, an educated work force, environmental responsibility and a quality infrastructure, Establishment Labs capitalizes on a unique combination of high quality, low cost of goods, attractive long-term tax-favoured advantages, and is poised to produce solid profits.

Utilising only the highest medical silicones, the CE-marked Motiva Implant Matrix® line is rigorously scrutinized by professional Quality Engineers throughout the entire manufacturing process. All products are produced in full compliance with ISO and EU requirements, and are certified under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

TecData, Inc

TecData, Inc provide Axis Three with technical support for all US based products. Since their inception in January 2000, TecData has been catering to the medical, dental, legal, education, accounting and manufacturing communities. They have developed a platform in response to what was seen as a specific need for improved network support products and services, without the high cost associated with expensive data control equipment. TecData’s strength lies in their ability to effectively and efficiently manage their products and services. Understanding the dynamics of technical systems and data management, they are able to structure and design innovative services that meet the individual requests of client needs. TecData’s expertise allows them to deliver their products and services to a very diverse professional and small business market. They maintain high standards of excellence through regular product training, client evaluations and product feedback information. They have implemented a specific set of procedures and goals to ensure that business operates in the most efficient and effective way possible. The links between technical infrastructure and highly trained personnel have allowed TecData to provide industry leading service and product support programs.

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